Sunday, February 27, 2011

A New 50K PR

Today was the Cowtown Ultra in Fort Worth, TX with the last three weeks off with Achilles issues I taped up with KT Tape and ran a 4:44:17. Setting a new PR and my second PR in racing this year.With last last long run being the Benbrook Half on January 28th setting a PR in that distance.

Well running a road race seems to be a blur vs running a trail race.  So this post is a bit shorter than a normal race report.

Race morning I woke up got ready and before heading out the door stopped to use the bathroom. After I thought everything left my body I started to head out then realizing I had to go again I returned to bathroom to finalize my business. Once we hit the parking lot I felt another urge to use the bathroom and found a port-a-potty and emptied what I thought was anything in my system. This now had me worried normally I never use the bathroom this much. In addition, my stomach was not feeling normal.

Once in the corral I chatted with the few people I recognized and the pacer leaders for the 3:30 & 3:35 groups. Thinking on my plan to run a 4 hour flat 50k I felt going out with 3:35 group aka 8:12 per mile pace would be the best plan. Race starts and we are in motion and I assess that the pace leader is moving at a flat 8:00 minute mile. So I go with it. The first few miles flow along nicely at even 8 minute splits. Mile 4 is a short hill climb; I stay running up the hill and notice two other ultra runners go into walk mode. After the hill I feel some GI issues hinting. Mile 6 we are in the stockyard area and I spot some port-a-potties. I jump in and once again business is handled. Being a savvy ultra runner I take extra TP in case an emergency happens. Crossing the 10k mark in 50:25.

Working my way to the big hill climb at mile 9 I am able to grab some tootsie rolls from a gentleman along the road.hoping they help my stomach by some miracle. The comes and I continue running straight up the hill holding onto the 8 minute pace. The effort feels ok and I crest the hill. Word was that was the hill then the rest was easy rolling hills.

mile 10 I refill my bottle for a second time with water and a camelbak exlir tablet. The course makes a break and half marathoners head to the finish. The course at this point surprises me and continues to have several now unexpected hill climbs. Passing 13.1M in 1:48:00 my effort is feeling ok and still manageable.

Around mile 15 I hit the aid station refilling my bottle and using the potty for yet another time. I am now becoming worried that this bathroom issue is not going to end. With more hills I push on feeling the goal is possible.

Mile 18 I decide I have now ran enough hills and take to walking the ups and running the downs. So much for Texas being flat I now come to grips with at this point. Passing 30k in 2:37:33 I start to see my pace is dropping slowly. The walking of hills is destroying the goal. Overall mentally I am pleased to be this far coming off of recovery and minimal training.

Hitting mile 25 the ultra runners break off from the marathoners on an out and back five mile loop. The loop is flat and now high winds begin to tax my pace. Knowing this is a short loop I push as much as possible but yield and take several walk breaks. Reaching the marathon timing mat in 3:52:57. I then reach the turn around point that has the first ultra only aid station. I load up on licorice, pretzels and more electrolytes. Stomach now feels settled and I am heading to the 30 mile point to join the marathoners for the final 1.2 mile section.

Now mixed back with the marathoners I feel an urge to run harder. I hear people cheering go ultra runner as I begin passing people. This is now fueling me to give it my all. I hit another hill just before mile 26 and run up it around a 9:00 minute pace. Still digging deep my pace is surging as the crowd cheers me in for the last quarter mile. Passing runner by runner I gain even more speed until I cross the finish the line hearing a hugh roar of the crowd. Checking my garmin I had pushed my pace to 3:40 per mile pace. Every run/race I always have something in me that I can pull from to finish strong and today I dug deeper than normal. That finish gave me a PR and if had held my pace from mile 30 to the finish I would have missed it.

Overall the year is starting out on more of a positive note and I am feeling good about it.

Cowtown Ultra 50K by nomadfornow at Garmin Connect - Details


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