Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Camp #7 & #8

Mom & dad,

The last week was crazy and I didn't get a letter out, sorry. The previous week was a bit hectic getting ready for the AC Camp weekend in California. The President & Green Hornet made the trip too. One day was spent checking out the area. It is sooooo beautiful!!

Well the group run on Saturday didn't go so good. The heat was around 95-98F throughout the day. The elevation didn't seem tough, but my heart rate was out of control. Then on top of that I started blistering at 20+ miles. As I walked my last section of the run I ended up dropping halfway through the group run. In short, yea I was crushed. A lot of campers told me that it happens. Well that doesn't make it any better. I know I have the ability to buckle again and I WILL.

So with a few more weeks of camp left I need to get my head in the game and produce. Speed work and two a days will be more of focus.

This week was just normal downtime camp activities: campfire roasting, finger painting, and other things.

Well of to hang out with some campers for the weekend. I will update you next week to how the speed feels.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Camp #6

Mom & dad,

Another week has gone by and it was a tough week for sure. Coach sent Luda and me to the Sleeping Bear Dunes N.P. for some serious training. Luda has a race this week and next weekend I head west to run with the President & Green Hornet. The park offered a diverse selection of terrain. We climbed sand dunes, ran the beach, hit the pine needle covered trails and a bit of paved sections. It appears that neither of us can read a map because we spent a lot of time time. After camp I think I will come back for one more visit.

Wednesday a few of us had to meet with the counselors about having alcohol. So Thursday I was sent cross camp to get some supplies as punishment. It was a round trip of  50 miles and took me nine hours. I would say I learned my lesson.

This weekend we are holding another time trial as the cabins race off. Since the few of us are still on punishment we will volunteering at the event.

Got a new shirt this week since it has been so hot lately. The least amount of fabric the better.

Outside of that there was not a lot of activities that took place. It is amazing at how fast this summer is moving. Well I will continue to make the most of camp and enjoy the time remaining.


PS send me some blister salve for my feet, some sweet cherries and bit-o-honey candy.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Camp #5

Mom & dad,

Not too much happening this week at camp. The temp has been the biggest challenge. Everyday was triple digits with high humidity.  Most of the runs have resulted in some weight loss because of sweating. So been drinking a lot more and fueling throughout the day so that I can maintain my weight.

Ran with Attorney general, Luda and the Milkman this week. This weekend we have a big group run without the counselors. Probably some sort of mayhem, lol.

I hear the dinner bell I need to head to the meal hall.  See you in a few more weeks. Thanks for sending me to camp again. I get so much from it every year.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where's Steve??

Where am I at for my 2012 "The goals?"

1. Six Ultra Races
Moab Red Hot 55K, Fools Trail 50K, Winona Lake 30M, Tie Dye 50K and Wild West 50K. 5 in total. Four more races scheduled before year end.

2. Mile in under 4:50
Havent tested my mile yet

3. Set two new PRs
Winona 30M set a PR
Leap Year 4M set a PR

4. Pace/crew in two events
Plan to pace at the Hallucination 100 in Sept

5. Volunteer at one event
Co-directed the RUT CC Meet in June
Additional Meet planned for July 15

On to the second half of the year now to complete them all.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Camp #4

Mom & dad,

This week I got shipped to the Camp VB (Virginia Beach). The camp activities were much cooler! Para-sailing, surfing, fishing in the Atlantic and much more. Some of us took a dare and ate raw oysters. They look nasty, smell nasty and didn't taste that yummy. Won't be doing that again anytime soon. One of the kids backed out so I did his oyster too.

The running was sweet. Got some road running, trail running, beach running and dune repeats. The key to the beach was finding the "spot." It is the area between surf and soft sand that gives enough firmness to be runnable.

Some of kids got crazy in the beach area, but nothing too out of control. I think it would be great to make a return trip again.

Well I am all settled back into Cabin #8. The Milkman made it to camp. A bit late but he has a few weeks to get some good training in still. Tumbleweed was a getaway weekend called Western States. He got a buckle from his time trial there on the course. Such an inspiring weekend of what he endured.

Got the cytomax gift from you. Thanks so much!!