Sunday, February 20, 2011

The training run

Resting up my Achilles for next weekend's Cowtown 50k I had not ran since the Benbrook Half on Jan 28th. Which I set an official PR of 1:35:40.

So tonight I thought I might need to get one training run this month to gauge my readiness. Tumbleweed and Majic joined me for night time Canton run. Temp was 40F and wind gusts up to 37 mph. The run felt smooth and at mile 6 I picked up the pace to see how much energy I had for the last 1.1 miles. Best guess I ran in under 7:00 minutes. Total run was 58 minutes for me. After asking Majic for his Garmin stats.

The next day I had some soreness but I think I will survive the race. No PR for this race but more of a long welcome back training run towards my journey to Leadville.

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