Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leadville Back at it

I am signed up for 2011 Leadville 100 Mile Run.
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Signing up for Leadville is an exciting feeling. The enjoyment from running through the mountains can not be described into words. No matter how tough the race is the experience from it can't be taken away. This year I am set to take on the challenge again. Training will be based on how I feel each day. I have a general plan and will modify it as I go. Somedays push harder, longer, or maybe back it off a bit and stay physically strong as well as mentally strong. No matter the outcome I will be a better runner from it. In addition, I plan to enjoy every foot strike I take along the course. I started this blog page because of this race. Most of all my entries will be built around this year's entry. The journey awaits and I am ready.

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  1. All the best Steve in this Adventure. I look forward to sharing in some of your training runs.