Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New me

March is here and so am I.  Took most of Feb off to recover from some Achilles tendinitis and closed out the month with a new 50k PR. Then took a week to ensure a little more recovery.

Now I feeling ready to run again. Tonight I reunited with a friend and flowed through nine miles in an hour and twelve minutes.  The effort felt minimal and the conversation was inspiring. I enjoy how catching up with someone can make miles fly by so nicely.

Tomorrow I have another run planned. Another run with some friends and knocking out seven miles. 

Thoughts of a short St. Patty's race might happen with so many races this weekend and the weather improving.  It makes one want to run and take it all in again.

I am keeping March a run by feel month to avoid some over training and listening to body. By month end I will have a solid idea for the next quarter of running.

So far this year I have achieved one of my 2011 goals. Which goal will be next??


  1. i like the old steve, so i am sure the new steve will be just as cool :) anyways, best on achieving those goals for 2011!


  2. So what are the new goals? Glad to hear that your body is rested!