Thursday, May 30, 2013

On to new adventures

May 12, 2013 the day before I turned 41 this year I decided to draw a line in the sand and retire from running.

Tonight on the eve of my 41st birthday, here is my closing speech........
I have ran fast,
I have ran far,
I have ran my best,
And now I run no more...

Thank you for all the memories!

Wanting to always focus on the positive in life and not running was not very positive I decided to stop. It was not an easy choice but with the daily Achilles issue it did make it a bit simpler.  I have enjoyed the entire seven years of running tremendously. Making a lot new friends, seeing many amazing places, supporting others in achieving their goals and personally pushing myself new levels.

I am sure I could sit and write for days about all my experiences but no one has that much time to read about  all my nonsense. Many people know that when I start talking about running I can talk and talk with a bit of excitement   For those of who that read this I am sure you know how much appreciated spending time with you running.

Well now I am off on new adventures. I surfed last year for the first time and now that I am two blocks from the ocean I will focus a bit on improving in that activity. Additionally, try out stand-up paddle boarding and get back to skateboarding. Last week I did crash hard while skateboarding, but with a bit more practice I might be ok (well at least I hope so)!  Plus it is always fun to try new things. In 2005 when I started running I never thought it would take me to where I got.  One of my first goals was to break a 7:00 min mile and with focus I eventually pulled off a 4:54 per mile. Who knows maybe I will make it on the pro-am surf tour ha ha!!

Well best wishes to everyone out there in their endeavors in life! I will continue to blog about my adventures and a bit of nonsense because that is who I am :)

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