Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cowtown ...... practice run

This Sunday I am running the Cowtown 50K. I took off Jan 29 - Feb 19 to rest my sore Achilles by doctor's strong suggestion.

Well now its race week and instead of a taper week I am ramping up to run it. Tonight will be some intervals, Thursday some road miles, Friday a bit longer run and Saturday a short shake out. I tried this method in 2009 after taking a month off for two bouts of kidney stones and turned in a decent 100 mile finish of 24:53. So Maybe this madness with work again.

The general plan is take it in three parts. Every ten miles pick up the tempo and turn in negative splits. Mentally, passing others is a big confidence builder. So that should be a good fuel source. Originally I had some crazy predictions and a good friend suggested go for a PR, which is about 90 seconds slower than my fastest goal.  Sitting around for almost a month one gets well rested and eager to race probably faster than one should.

Well each day leading in to the race should help get a good indication of my current ability. Hopefully my endurance based survived. 

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