Friday, August 27, 2010


First, thank you to the individuals that sent me congratulations. This post is not to take away from that.

For me personally, not finishing the Leadville 100 Mile Endurance Run is upsetting. Only two people really agreed with how I was feeling. One was my 10 year old daughter. She said it best,

"He didn't do good. It was a 100 mile race and only did 50. What sort of person just stops trying?"

I feel that people in society try find something good in everything with the best of intentions. Although, to me not achieving what I set out to do is less than acceptable. Yes, I ran 50 miles through the Rocky Mountains over mountains of 11800' and 12600' in 13 hours. That means nothing and should not be celebrated. Giving ones best is the only thing that should be celebrated when the goal is achieved.

When I stood at the Winfield Aid Station (mile 50) and stepped on the scale to confirm my weight I told them I was dropping. Looking back now I had no idea that decision would bother me so terribly. I ask myself now, "Why did you give up?" True there was pain in my toes, but I should have overcome it and pushed through that. I trained for months in snow, rain, heat, cold, exhaustion & everything else to toe the line. Never did the thought occur to "just stop." I am sure that the 71 year old man that finished the race had moments were he wanted to quit and so did the other 360+ finishers. They however gutted it out, displayed true grit and achieved their goal.  Standing at the finish line watching those runner come in made me realize even more what I left out there on the course. And at the awards ceremony as most hobbled/limped up to collect their buckle the sheer joy on their face was worth the struggle.  Now one can take away what they achieved, but I took away from myself from not continuing on the course to see what I could really achieve.
There is a tag line on the bottom of my work email: "Running does not build my character it reveals it." Well the character I displayed is not the person I want to be known as.  Next year I will toe the line and no matter what comes Leadville dishes out I will take it and go the distance. Once I have that belt buckle in my hand then I will truly appreciate the thanks that has been given to me.

The worse part is I have to wait another 357 days to try again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tough Choices

Well I went to Leadville, CO over the weekend to run the LT100 Mile Run. At 50 miles I decided for the first time in a race to take a DNF and leave the course. This was by far the hardest choice I have ever made in running. My toes were in a lot of pain and knowing it took just under 13 hours to get that far, I could only see me slowing down on the back 50 miles and barely able to make it in the 17 hours remaining.

A lot of people were supportive in me achieving 50 miles at a course elevation between 9200' to 12600' with climbs that make you question how the pioneers made it out West.

I know that I will be on the start line in 2011 to challenge myself again, but with only a better outcome. Plans are in place to improve upon the mistakes that were made. Sometimes in life you make a mistake, but not learning from it is the only mistake. I am now more prepared.

Leadville v. Rose 2011 I am coming back!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Leadville Playlist

Good to be me. Uncle Kracker
Use Somebody. Kings of Leon
We are trying to stay alive. Wyclef Jean
This Afternoon. Nickleback
Its a Great Day to be Alive. Travis Tritt
Sweet Home Alabama. Lynard Skynard
Southern Voice. Tim McGraw
Middle Management. Bishop Allen
Lose Yourself. Eminem
All I Want is You. Barry Louis Polisar
The Distance. Cake
And a lot more. .............

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ultra Running Community

This week a complete stranger, Maureen Upton, volunteered to help me at the upcoming Leadville 100 Mile Run. Just a great example of what strangers in the ultra running community will do for one another. She actually sounded more excited to pace me than I was in having a pacer. Dont get me wrong I am VERY EXCITED to be having a pacer. This is my fourth 100 mile race and all but the first, strangers have come forward to help. This year I was able to return the favor to a couple completing their first 100. It was so rewarding I now know why this is such a great sport!! Think about this: ultra running is one of the few sports maybe the only sport where the athletes pay to compete and the spectators watch for free. There is no prize money to be had; really just self-actualization.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The state run

Thoughts on the Leadville 100

Sitting here this morning eating breakfast and gazing out the window at the quiet morning I cant help but think of my upcoming race. There are mentions that there will be about 800+ runners at this event. On the average year less than half finish. So what is it that I possess that will carry me to the finish?? I am sure all of the past runners who DNF and all of us attempting this year have thought long and hard on that question. For me, looking back at my first 100 mile attempt I came out with the front pack to quickly for 20 miles. Around 60 miles my left knee was in more pain than I could imagine possible. I hobbled out the last 40 miles because I didn't see an option of not. So when does the breaking point hit a person? Inside I feel ready to take on this challenge. In 12 days I will be toeing the line and learning more about myself as I take on one of the hardest ultras.

Getting started

Ok day 1 of my Blogger account. Give me a few days to build it.