Sunday, May 8, 2011

Two people sharing one goal

Tonight I sent a friend a thank you for sharing some wisdom with me. I met Roger in October '06. At that time my only 5K time was 24:39 that I had ran in August. I had just been running for year and knew very little.  Well Roger is a bit faster posting 10K's around 35 minutes. He is from Barbados and his voice reminds me of a Jedi master.

Fartlek, intervals, breathing, strides and a few other things he has taken the time to teach have continued to yield new PRs every year for me. Now reflecting back and seeing he has helped shave 5:30 off my 5K time leaves me speechless.

Next time you get the chance; think about someone that has helped your running success and let them know. I feel like the PR is more of Roger's than mine.

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