Friday, May 20, 2011

Strollering down the Interstate

Met up with Keith this morning for a short run at a relaxing pace. He takes his daughter out in the Stroller for runs now and asked me to join them.

Man I was surprised at how effortless he made it look pushing it.  We took the trail along the interstate for an out and back 25K run. The sun was out and such a beautiful day. The trail is a bike path with short rolling hill climbs. The kind that keep the run a little exciting.

The turnaround was a rest plaza that had vending machines and restrooms.  Ideal for run in my mind.

Next time you are in a race and a guy passes you pushing a baby better bet it is Keith and Kendall.


  1. funny...great running and talking with you!!!

  2. If you feel up to it.... I would love to have you pace me during my first 100 miler in Pinckney, Mi? It's 3 weeks after Leadville so not sure how you'll feel.... just a thought?! just think about it.... no pressure.

    If you think you may my email address is

    Gotta run.