Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leadville is coming together.....

This year knowing what went wrong last year on my attempt with the Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run I put together a plan. Here is my current status:
              Race Entry -- done
              Flight -- done
              Living quarters -- done
              Pacer -- done (not only a pacer, but three pacers!!)
              Crew -- done (my girlfriend)
              Better understanding of hydration -- done
              Pre-race meal plan -- done
              Training -- in progress
              Race plan with splits -- in progress
              Finisher belt buckle -- not at this time

A lot of races I have a general idea of what to do train for and running the race. Since Leadville seems to be a bit more challenging I thought I would put some effort into planning for it this year. I am not dwelling on it to the point of being stressed, but more of being prepared in general.

I know these next 90 some days will be a blur as I toe the line in August. Continual learning will be the key in a more successful run. Already I having three random strangers volunteer to assist me in completing it means more than words can describe.  Essentially, this blog is about running, but it has been rooted to Leadville. This race is only goal I have not completed in my five years of running. I can move on, but I still want to complete it. I know one runner you tried, tried, tried and tried until the 13th attempt he finally completed the course. That is an amazing amount of dedication in seeing a goal to the end.

Here is a view of Hope Pass 12,600' from a friend of mine that ran it last year with me.

The adventure continues........

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