Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just for fun!

Allen Park hosted a one mile fun run with a 5k & 10k too. I showed up with kylie and suann for some running. After a warm up jog i thought i should try for a new PR. It is a straight run turn around at the half mile then straight back.

The announcer said "go" and i was off like a rocket. I almost ran into the back of the police escort. The pacer on bike was super!! He coached me along about my breathing, stride, posture and was very motivational.

I hit the half mile in 2:24 with a dangling shoe lace. The pacer  rode up jumped off the bike and hollered give me your shoe i'll tie it quickly. And with barely a delay it was dine and we were rolling.

The last few meters i could feel me giving it my all with the clock showing under five minutes i realized this was my moment. Crossing the finish as the announcer yelled out "4:54". 

I know have a PR that makes me wonder how much more can i improve? This is my first summer of full speedwork and it truly shows.

My dad broke a five minute mile at.age 19; at 39 I finally broke it after six years of running now.

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