Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camp final week

Dear mom & dad,

Well it was a great summer camp this year. One of the camp counselors held a get together on Monday. I played horseshoes for the first time and did rather good. It was really relaxing hanging out by the lake. Sort of like shutting down in the final week at school. I really improved my speed here at camp and keep a steady weekly mileage of 30-50 mpw. Lots of fun with all the kids this year and so looking forward to joining them all again for another season. Some said they might be going to the elite camp by Geoff Roes in Alaska next year. If I do good this fall would you consider sending me??

Tuesday coach had me back out running; tumbleweed joined me on the dirt roads. We came across a downed tree. It was blocking the entire road so we moved it out of the way. Then on Wednesday I ran the arboretum for a good hill session. After pushing a quick 10K out I came across the girls group and did a fly-by. Coach had them doing a time trial. So I pushed the pace to 6:23 and picked them off every few seconds. Friday I was back at the Arboretum for a short tempo run over the hills.

Closing out the week coach held a race for all the campers. The President, Green Hornet, Majic and myself opted out because we have the Leadville Invitational next weekend. We ran a solo 10 mile loop just for some conditioning. Then I went out for a nice six mile tempo with the Road Runner.

Anchor Man, Honeybee, Jimmy James, The Wise Guy and Double Trouble will be crewing us in Leadville. Can`t wait to land there on Thursday!!

Weekly recap:
Monday       Rest
Tuesday      CDRs 7.2 miles
Wednesday Arboretum 6.8 miles
Thursday     Rest
Friday         Arboretum 3.1 miles
Saturday     Rest - Cleaning up the cabin
Sunday       Island Lake 10 miles trail am; Woodhaven CC course 6 miles pm.

Total miles 33

PS I included a picture of the course and the elevation for you. See you soon!

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