Sunday, July 31, 2011

Camp Week 8

Dear mom & dad

Wow what a week a camp. Coach had the Anchor man run me hard on Monday. Set a new PR of 51:44 on the CDRs. He was gunning from the start, hill after hill. First time I actually felt like my leg muscles were exhausted! Then the next day I hit some trail running on the hills in the arboretum. Knowing I was being sent to pace a new camper named Orlando i want to get my hard runs done early and rest up for the race.  Better to be over prepared than not be ready when he needed me in the race. He did good and I think he will be asleep in the cabin for the next 30 hours. A few of the other campers were there too. Anchor man and Green Hornet paced Kai-borg and Javier. The President and Majic had off days and stopped early in the race. The Doc went the strongest in 20 hours and some change.

This week looks like a normal week of a few group runs coach has us doing. Please send more cytomax i am going through it so quickky with these high humid days. Just a few weeks left here at camp and then i will be home soon.

Weekly mile recap:
Mon rest
Tues 7.2 dirt roads
Wed 3.0 trail run
Thur rt
Fri rest
Sat/Sun 47.3 miles pacing Orlando at the Burning River 100 mile

Total 57.5 miles

Ps Thanks for the care package!

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