Sunday, August 14, 2011

Surgical Maneuver at Leadville

Every run and race that I have done in the past I never questioned my ability in being able to finish. Most of the time the only concern was how fast will I complete it. Next weekend is the Leadville Trail 100 Mile Race Across the Sky for me and many others. There are lots of thoughts running through my head on a daily basis. I am sure there will be many more during the hours I spend out there on the course. This race brings the element of just hoping to finish. So how do I ensure I will make it to the finish line??

It has been said that the left side of the brain controls the thoughts that tell you to slow down, give up, it is ok to quit, and many other non-conducive thoughts. Those thoughts were part of me settling at 50 miles last year and giving up. It has also been said that the right side of the brain gives you the strength to override those negative thoughts telling you push harder, stick it out, never settle and more.

After Leadville last year I headed out a few weeks later to test the right side of my brain at the VCU Virgil Crest Ultra 100 Mile. The results were favorable in producing another finish for me. All year I have been pushing harder in my training runs to build that right side even stronger. So to speak I have surgically replaced the left side of my brain with the chemical make-up of the right side.

To make sure my brain is functioning throughout the run I have four pacers & two crew members to support mentally. I give them full permission to "slap sense" into me if I fall weak to Leadville. I have a general plan and a lot of support going into the race which tilts the books in my favor. As any knows at Leadville or in any 100 mile race things can change on a dime. So having some contingency plans is always helpful.

If you want to follow me throughout the run there is a link on the site for live tracking.

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