Sunday, August 7, 2011

Camp Week 9

Dear mom & dad;
Well another week comes to a close. It is sad to think camp is over in two weeks. Coach said i made some good improvements this summer. Over the weekend she had me do a time trial one mile in Allen Park. I came in first and broke my PR with a finishing time of 4:54!

Today i got stuck with well duty as you can tell by the picture. I had to pump water for everyone at the well. It was a nice long group run with asian tiger, newbie and blink. Some of the others stayed in their cabins. Ran into Gremlin on the trail for a brief chat about Leadville.

Overall week:
Mon CDRs 4.2 dirt road
Wed Arboretum 6.0 trail
Thur CDR 7.2 dirt road
Sat time trial 1.0 road
Sun Maybury 16.75 trail

Total 35.15 miles

Feeling good and looking forward to the final camp trip being Leadville. The President got added to the trip so the group of us going is big.

Take care and see you soon!

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