Sunday, July 10, 2011

Camp Week 5

Dear mom & dad,

Coach pushed up the intensity this week on my training. With some harder trail workouts and faster road runs I felt strong throughout the week. On the 4th of July all the cabins got together for a day off and there was some celebrating. Some of kids got sent home for celebrating a little too much, oops.

Tumbleweed and the kids who got kicked out of camp.

This week we also had to write some poems to express our thoughts on running.
Here is my poem:
       I run through the hood
       it doesn't make me feel good
       so i then head to the trail
       along the path I sail

I also spent some training time with assistant coach working on my stride. We did a long run the other day and I picked up some tips. Then for the remaining part of the week they shipped me to Texas to heat train again. I got run with a group of kids here at the Texas Camp. Some of them have been doing some serious training. I represented our camp well and was the only camper to complete both of the loops. After this weekend they have me going to Jamaica for some new type of training.

Me with the Texas camp kids
Here is my weekly recap:
Monday- Holiday
Tuesday- 11.2 miles dirt roads (am) 4.5 miles paved road (pm)
Wednesday- Horse Hill 10 Hill repeats (2.50 miles) over 500' climb
Thursday- 10 Miles paved roads
Friday- Arts & Crafts Day
Saturday- 6 Miles paved road
Sunday- 21.3 Miles Trails of North Shore Texas

Horse Hill repeats

Northshore Trails, Grapevine, TX

PS can you send some sunscreen, being down south there is a lot more sun :-)

PSS Here is a copy of the video taken by the assistant coach.

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