Monday, July 18, 2011

Camp Week 6

Dear mom & dad,

Wow what a week!! Coach had me all over the western hemisphere doing workouts. Monday I woke up and was rushed on to a flight to Negril, Jamaica. The running there was all about high "rain forest" humidity training. Every run I pushed the pass and returned to the camp soaked through my shorts. The camp there was absolutely beautiful. I did some XT sea-kayaking, yoga, swimming & spent time in the dry sauna; in between the daily runs. The meal program there was so much better than camp at home. Lots of fresh fruit, incredible soups and desserts to die for.

Thursday was a travel day back to Dallas for my final segment of dry heat training. Then Friday after my morning session I was back on a plane to a camp in northern Michigan for some backwoods running.

Saturday morning we had to do chores before coach gave us the day off and head to the amusement park and ride some sweet roller-coasters!! I had to hand-pump about 180 gallons of water and help with the chickens. Then Sunday she was all about closing out the week with a final double. The first was a road run with the assistant coach then the later run was in the woods running single track. The second run really was a good close to the week. The only down-side was the family of six raccoons that did not look so friendly and were not so keen on my passing them on the trail.

Me and some of the campers riding the fierce roller coaster!


Well now I am back at my cabin for the final five weeks of camp before we close out the season with the BIG race in Leadville, CO. I am so excited to be heading there to test my fitness. There are a lot of campers going too! I was able to spend some time this week and put together a general plan on completing the race there. Having a good plan the coach said will help me mentally in executing the race.

Recap of the week:
Monday: 1.5 miles road run Negril, Jamaica
Tuesday: 8 miles road run am, 4 miles road run pm, dry sauna
Wednesday: yoga am, 8 miles road run am, sea-kayaking 6 miles on the Caribbean sea
Thursday: Travel
Friday: 6 miles road run Colleyville, TX
Saturday: Rest Day "Amusement Park"
Sunday: 4.75 miles road run am, 5.5 miles trail running pm

Total running miles 38

PS: send some candy, coach is being tough on sweets :-(

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