Monday, July 4, 2011

camp week 4

Dear mom & dad,
Well the week went by a lot smoother and i am ready to build my mileage the coach says. I have been around 50 mpw for awhile. The training runs this week felt better and faster. That brightens me up a lot. The long run of week felt the best as each mile passed i felt stronger. Hills were not as tough and flat sections flowed nicely. Also hydration had improved by adding carrying more bottles on the run.

Here is the week:
Mon rest
Tues xt bike 10 miles am
Tues 5.25 miles running with coach pm
Wed 3 miles of track w/ bleachers
Thurs 7 miles road running
Fri 7 miles running with tumbleweed
Sat rest
Sun 18 miles trail running with anchor man, green hornet, tumbleweed

Total 50.25 miles

I attached a picture of coach pacing me from the run.

Ps send more cytomax
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