Sunday, July 24, 2011

Camp Week 7

Dear mom and dad,

Well another week down here at camp. Coach gave us two big tasks to complete is week for some upcoming bigger tasks to close out the came season. First was an overnight group run. We all were roused from our cabins to meet on the trailhead at midnight for a four hour run. The president, gremlin, birdman, kaiborg, and a few others made the run. It was a lot of fun on the 7 mile loop course. We stopped by a lake and everyone turned off their headlamps to check out the full sky of stars. The stars were amazing!!

After the run i got back to my cabin for a quick two hour nap coach had me do some tasks around the campgrounds. At the last minute i was instructed to join an impromptu 8K (4.97 mile) race. It was a gathering of a lot of other campers. At the start line the singlets showed several different camps being represented. An elite camper named Newton came too. I lined up with Majic and in the first mile it was a mad dash!! In the end i finished 13th overall out of several hundred campers. I love trail races at camp so much.

Well the week wasnt too big, but it was tougher:

Mon 7.2 miles on the CDT canton dirt road
Tues Rest
Wed 5 Miles on the Arboretum Hill repeats
Thur Rest
Fri 18 miles trail late night group run
Sat  8K Maybury Classic Race
Sun Rest

Total 35.2 miles

This week coach is sending us to Ohio to help pace some campers in the Burning River 100 Mile. I am so excited!

PS the other campers gave me a nickname this year "the hellion"

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