Monday, June 27, 2011

Camp week 3

Dear mom and dad

Week 3 didnt go so well i got sick. This year overall is not looking so hot. Last year at this time i was knocking out two a days and doing a lot of long runs. I am a bit faster and hill workouts arent that hard, but i am nervous about the mileage. Coach is going to get me focused again and start building that mileage over the next four weeks.

Here is the week breakdown:

Mon 12 miles xt bike

Tues 7 miles road

Wed 4 miles track 6x600

Thurs 12 miles trail

Sat 8 miles road then 4 miles xt stairmaster

Some kids this week got to paddleboat, beach volleyball and tetherball. Now i am feeling fine i hope to participate in some activities is week.

Ps send fruit oranges and bkack cherries

Pss i learned more about dehyration from cytomax in a workshop this week; they are genius!

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