Saturday, April 30, 2011

In the heat of the moment

This morning I joined a group of Texan runners for run on the trails of the North Shore. First loop was a 12 mile loop on the easier loop. We covered the it in 2:08. The heat was slowly overtaking me. I started the run sweating mildly and by mile 6 I had ceased to sweat. By mile 10 I had cleared the entire 20 ounce bottle. My skin was dry and only urinated out 5 ounces.

Knowing I had another loop planned I slowed the pace to conserve my energy. Once we reached the trailhead I consumed another 20 ounces then soaked my buff bandana to cool my neck and head.

We headed out for a light two mile loop. Feeling good I but still dry I decided to run the technical loop with Michelle. The loop was amazing and challenging. At three miles I had finished almost all of my Cytomax and mentioned we needed to turn back. Within a mile of the turn around I finished the bottle. I stopped at a stream soaked my buff again and cooled my body. With a two mile push back I knew better than push it. I ran the downs, jogged the flats and power walked the ups. Figuring cramping was soon to occur I held back enough in case I missed a turn and ended up lost for additional miles.

Once back I knew my day was over it had been almost three hours since I had produced any sweat and a total of maybe ten ounces of urine. 

Its always better to back off and come back the next day to have a more productive run. My run in Michigan on Thursday was in the upper 40's; today in Texas it was near 90 with the humidity.

Still enjoyed the beauty of trails and companionship of the runners.

The attached picture is an actual section of the trail that was a short bamboo forest. An amazing section! 

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