Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dynamics of the group run

Tonight I got a chance to run with a new group of runners. Ironically, about one mile from my house.

I find it interesting each time I run with a new group. One the route is unknown. So you are at the mercy of the other runners to find your way back. Secondly, you have no idea what the pace will be each mile.

Well tonight I was told that they like to push the last half of the seven mile around 6:45. To me that sounded good. At mile two I noticed the 7:15 pace was very conversational and easy for them. Mile four the speed picked up and I picked one of them to follow. As the distance past the pace quickened and soon it was only us two. Now I realized hang in there for three miles, just three more.  Entering the sixth mile I felt it was going to be a challenge. The last mile we clocked a 6:10 pace.

This group was definitely was a speed workout. I will for sure be back to run with them again.

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