Monday, April 18, 2011

Identity Crisis

The last several months I just haven't felt the desire to run. Part was because of injury and part was me being lazy.

I think once I got behind the 8 Ball of not running I started to lose my identity. People who barely know me would ask "are you still running?"  I would answer yes without referencing my last run then walk away like "wow I haven't ran in x amount of days." When my response to the question would normally be" yesterday or this morning." Instead of running I let the downwhirl spiral continue.

Tonight on the run I was taking in the surroundings and realized that I enjoy running and it is who I am. All those people asking where signs for me to step up and be me.

I am going to bring back the runner in me and make the most out of the remaining part of 2011. I know there is only one race on the books but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy all the training runs. 

Hi my name is Steve and I like to run daily & far. Want to join me?

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