Sunday, June 12, 2011

Camp Week 1

Dear mom & dad,

Well i made it to camp and looks like all my friends are back too. The first couple of days we had some light running. Sort of just enjoy the area kind of runs with some chatter.

Wednesday was the first track workout and coach had us doing a ladder set. Then afterwards up and down the bleachers. The heat index was 103F and that made it even harder. I held in there though and finished strong.

Thursday night was a group run for nine miles only anchor man went the distance. The rest of the campers got to do the easy five option.

Saturday morning i was feeling a bit beat up on the 15 miler and ended up slowing down not by chioce.

Sunday coach gave us a free day. So we headed to the beach for some fun. The sun was hiding so not a lot of fun to be had.

Well i am doing my chores around the cabin. Tomorrow looks like an arts and crafts day with a late afternoon run.

Take care

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