Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Camp #9

Mom & dad,
      Another week and more miles. Feet healed up but look rather rough. Give them a few more days and they will be sandal approved. Still got out for some more running.

    Friday night there was an all boy run "caveman." It was a great time!!  The run got tricky once the sun went down and no one had a light/headlamp.  After the run we were treated to some red meat that was truly cooked through with some killer sides.

     Coach had me back in the gym lifting weights and then put me through a wicked tough track session. Felt good that I made it through both sessions in one piece.

    The upcoming weekend will be the final time trial of the season. No one was broke 19:00 on the course. I think with this being the final there will be some serious sprinting through the woods. Hopefully, I am not banned again from this event.

   I met another camper that is going to work with me on some long distance runs. Looking forward to some time on New trails that are beautifully challenging. I enclosed one of the pictures from the trails.


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