Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Camp #7 & #8

Mom & dad,

The last week was crazy and I didn't get a letter out, sorry. The previous week was a bit hectic getting ready for the AC Camp weekend in California. The President & Green Hornet made the trip too. One day was spent checking out the area. It is sooooo beautiful!!

Well the group run on Saturday didn't go so good. The heat was around 95-98F throughout the day. The elevation didn't seem tough, but my heart rate was out of control. Then on top of that I started blistering at 20+ miles. As I walked my last section of the run I ended up dropping halfway through the group run. In short, yea I was crushed. A lot of campers told me that it happens. Well that doesn't make it any better. I know I have the ability to buckle again and I WILL.

So with a few more weeks of camp left I need to get my head in the game and produce. Speed work and two a days will be more of focus.

This week was just normal downtime camp activities: campfire roasting, finger painting, and other things.

Well of to hang out with some campers for the weekend. I will update you next week to how the speed feels.


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