Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Camp #10

Mom & dad,

Well camp is coming to a close in two weeks. I learned a lot about myself again this summer. There weren't a lot of woo hoo moments, but I still enjoyed the adventure. Learning from mistakes are always useful for future performance.

Saw some amazing things and met several amazing people. After camp I am sure I will be seeing some of the others campers outside of camp.

This week was a good mixture of speed, tempo and weights. Body is feeling good on daily basis. This weekend will be the final time trial for the cabins. In addition, back to back mid distance runs. Each one will be around 15-25 miles.

Then the taper will gradually build for the final camp race on August 25th. A good ole 50 mile trail run. Looking to set a new personal best.


PS I included some pictures. The first one was a post run against a horse then chores.

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