Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Camp #6

Mom & dad,

Another week has gone by and it was a tough week for sure. Coach sent Luda and me to the Sleeping Bear Dunes N.P. for some serious training. Luda has a race this week and next weekend I head west to run with the President & Green Hornet. The park offered a diverse selection of terrain. We climbed sand dunes, ran the beach, hit the pine needle covered trails and a bit of paved sections. It appears that neither of us can read a map because we spent a lot of time time. After camp I think I will come back for one more visit.

Wednesday a few of us had to meet with the counselors about having alcohol. So Thursday I was sent cross camp to get some supplies as punishment. It was a round trip of  50 miles and took me nine hours. I would say I learned my lesson.

This weekend we are holding another time trial as the cabins race off. Since the few of us are still on punishment we will volunteering at the event.

Got a new shirt this week since it has been so hot lately. The least amount of fabric the better.

Outside of that there was not a lot of activities that took place. It is amazing at how fast this summer is moving. Well I will continue to make the most of camp and enjoy the time remaining.


PS send me some blister salve for my feet, some sweet cherries and bit-o-honey candy.


  1. Thank you for reffering to your summer adventures as Summer Camp! It really made me think of the way I was viewing training this past summer. If I went to Cross Country Camp I would run my butt off, but since its only Ultra training I slack. This weekend as I ran up by Silver Lake while attending "Man Camp" (Our men's retreat for church) I remembered your blog once again and chuckled as I ran on. If only I was 10 again and was at "Summer Camp", but then I remember I was at Summer Camp, the only difference was I am 33 and know how not to get caught playing pranks! Fun times at camp this week!

  2. Glad you enjoy the posts. it is a good way for me to track my summer running each year. This is my third year and it takes m mind off the run while dreaming of what camp would be like. Have a good time at man camp.