Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where's Steve??

Where am I at for my 2012 "The goals?"

1. Six Ultra Races
Moab Red Hot 55K, Fools Trail 50K, Winona Lake 30M, Tie Dye 50K and Wild West 50K. 5 in total. Four more races scheduled before year end.

2. Mile in under 4:50
Havent tested my mile yet

3. Set two new PRs
Winona 30M set a PR
Leap Year 4M set a PR

4. Pace/crew in two events
Plan to pace at the Hallucination 100 in Sept

5. Volunteer at one event
Co-directed the RUT CC Meet in June
Additional Meet planned for July 15

On to the second half of the year now to complete them all.

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