Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Camp Letter #2

Coach Aimee & me at the XC Meet
Mom & dad,

     Over the weekend we held a "time trial" XC race amongst the cabins. Cabin #4 brought a ringer from overseas, but as a team they didn't podium. The campers from Cabin #2 won it by a single point. It was a lot of fun for everyone. All of us from Cabin #8 were banned from the meet because of the raid we put on girls in Cabin #6. I am sure you got the letter already from the counselors. There will be a second XC Meet on July 15th. I hope I get to run in it. Here are a few pictures of the course from the weekend's race:

The course

     On top of that The President took a branch in the eye during trail work. Then the next day during a run with Luda & Green Hornet I tripped and took a hard hit to the ground. I crashed on to an abrasive root. When I crashed I was dreaming of Dairy Queen; next time I will pay more attention. I got back up and finished the 20+ mile run. The following day Coach Aimee cut me some slack during strength training and just focused on legs since I was still sore.
The mark of the Tiger, lol

      The weather has been good so we have been getting in a lot of outdoor activities. A few of the kids this weekend are going to Camp Mohican to have a little race with the kids from that camp. It should be a good time for them. Next weekend I get to go to Camp Virginia Beach. Coach wants me to cross train while there and get in a lot of miles.

     Outside of that not a lot else going on here at camp. I noticed on the calendar there are only a few weeks left here. It is amazing at how fast time flies. Well I have to head to activity time now. We are learning how to make friendship bracelets today.

If you can send more Cytomax that would be great.
Love you

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