Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Camp #3

Mom & dad,

     What a week here at camp. The weather has been amazing and amazingly hot sometimes!! Got some faster runs in Luda and a new kid, called the attorney general, from Cabin 2. Sometimes he goes by AG because he is always an age group winner too. He took me out on some of the backhills. Wow a run it was. Climb up, up ,up and then now. My legs felt like they were on fire. Cooled off in the stream on the way back. A neighboring cabin got all cranky because thus felt we were too close to their personal space.

     In addition, this week Coach Aimee put me through two strength workouts and a tough track session. The picture I included is me sporting a 20lb vest and holding a 9lb bar. I had to lunge walk like that repeatedly up the hill. I actually look forward to the easier bleacher repeats, lol.

     Craft time this week was weak nothing cool to write back about. The friendship bracelets got put on hold. The fingerpaints were all dried up because some kid forgot to close them ip. Oh well!

     In the morning I head to a cabin on the beach. They want me to run the beach for a week and do some two-a-days by adding trail runs. One kid said he will try to teach me how to surf by close of the week.

P.S.  Still waiting on that care package. Hopefully, you have forgotten about me :-)


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