Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Camp Letter 1

Mom & Dad,

       Thanks for sending me back to the running camp for my third summer. This year looks like I am in Cabin 8 with the President, Green Hornet, Tumbleweed and a few others. Most of the other kids are back too. I am sure everyone will be on their best behavior, of course.

I got the top bunk, hooray!!

The spot....Cabin 8

       Over the first weekend some of us got out for a group trail run and knocked out 15 miles. This year the camp has a new coach "Coach Aimee." In addition to running our coach has been putting us through two strength lifting sessions. The first day was brutal. She called it, "a street fight gone bad." Well let's just say a real street fight would have been a lot easier.  On Tuesday coach had us running with the girls from Cabin 1. Let me tell you the First Lady and Luda are some fast girls. It was work, but we stayed with them on a very technical 12 mile trail run. Today coach had me sporting a 20 lb weighted vest while I was doing hill repeats. I have a feeling this year will be the toughest. Outside of that we have been doing some daily short runs.

      The weather has been getting hot here so in the afternoon, we get to do some kayaking on the lake. Outside of that we have the usual afternoon camp activities. Like on Wednesday, we had to write haikus. Here is the one I wrote:

Running in the woods is fun
Up a hill and down a hill
You can hear me breathe

 Not a lot is going on besides that in the first week. Except, Tumbleweed lost one of my water bottles in the woods. Can you send me a replacement?? Also this weekend there is a competition 5K between cabins. Here are some photos of the course. 

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