Saturday, May 5, 2012

NRR 5K Club Race

In 2011 the 3rd moon of Jupiter was aligned with 2nd moon of Saturn thus giving me the ability to pull first place at the club race with a finishing time of 19:09.

Well 2012 it appears that the gravitational alignment of Earth in our solar system didn't yield to my performance. Today was 3rd place with a time of 20:11.

Really I just came out running way to fast. I lapse the half mile in 2:40-ish. With the first portion a downhill it wasnt to noticeable until the turn around when heading back up the struggle kicked in. I know the course, but went reckless anyway. It's always just for fun and you never know what can happen when pushed.

Time now to kick back with a few short runs then pack up for Massanutten. It is amazing how fast this training period went by for me. I think I ran seven races in preparation, all various distances too.
Everything is in the books so now its time to see what comes from it.

Buckle up it might be a rough ride or it could be smooth sailing. I am fond of the latter option!

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