Friday, February 10, 2012

Choose your own adventure...

Where you go in life is determined by the route you take, which route will give you the most??

     The other day I was out running an old route that I haven't been on for a few years. It almost felt all new to me. Then I started to think what if I turn down that street or maybe at the next block take a different turn. So the next several miles I started to ponder why do most of us take the same course "as usual?"

Is it for comfort?
Or is it the prescribed route we all take?
Because it is easy?
That's how I always go?

     The times that I have ran in a completely new area have been the most exciting. At Maybury I have explored more spurs of the main trail than anyone I know. Because of that some of my friends enjoy running there with me because each run is unique and they never know what is next. Last December I stumbled on to a new bridle trail at Maybury and to my surprise I came across an 8-point buck. The first time I saw this deer was back in 2009; now almost three years later by exploring a new way I was re-united with him.

    Also whenever I get the chance to run with others on there routes I find it far more exciting. Every step is new direction in which we travel. Most of those runs I take in the surrounding area and enjoy the companionship of my friends.Sometimes it is harder and other times not so hard.  It challenges me because I never know what areas will be the easiest for me so some moments I have to dig deeper and push on during the run. Those times are rewarding looking back when it is all over.

   2012 is already planned out for racing so traveling to just run in other areas isn't really a full open option. So what I am doing is incorporating some additional local runs. Next weekend I will be in Utah at the Red Hot 55K. I am hoping that it works out so that I can run Friday at the Canyonlands National Park, race Saturday and then run at Arches National Park on Sunday. I am not looking for a high amount of miles just some quality running in new & beautiful areas of the world. In August coming off of Leadville will be my chance to stop by the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs to a quick "run-through" tour of the area.
In addition, this summer I am taking a family roadtrip (Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and West Virginia). Each day I will try to get out and just take in a quick six miles or so.

    Next time in life you have an option to stay the course or branch off into the unknown take a chance and see what comes from it. You might just be surprised!

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