Sunday, January 29, 2012

More money in the bank

Plan 60 ..... Actual 55

Not going to beat myself up coming up short on the week's plan. It is early in the training and I know in the next few weeks I will be in full swing. Right now it is about base miles and time on the feet. I am rather pleased that I pulled a two-a-day this week and felt good the next day. The morning run was 6.5 miler closing out the last mile sub 7:00 then later that night ran with the Milkman for another 10 miles.

The hardest part right now is being motivated to go outside. January & February are the coldest months here and on top of that always dark. I really prefer to run in warm-hot conditions vs the cold. After a few miles I do warm up, but the laundry certainly builds up fast!!

Last night I was looking at my CC spikes and was thinking that maybe I could use them for traction on the snowy trails. Only downside is that I would need a thin sock. That doesn't sound like a good idea with the temps still below freezing. So give me a few more weeks then I will break them out.

This week I was looking ahead into February and found a way to take in Canyonlands & Arches National Parks. When I run the Red Hot 55K in mid-Feb I think I can do a short run the day before the race on Friday. Then Sunday post day race run the other park for a mid to long run before heading to Colorado.  Seeing the national parks on foot is exciting and makes me look forward to running. Waking up each day to do training runs sometimes on road is not at all appealing to me. My reward for running is still the beauty I see when I am running the trails. Especially, in new areas of the world.

Some place unknow, but maybe some day I will find myself running there

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