Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fueling the Fire

   What does it take to fuel ones body for a 100 mile race..........?

    Well like everyone else I am making plans to manage my weight in 2012. I need to cut back on the sugar intake and increase my protein. I was thinking that maybe I could take another approach and focus on increasing my fruit & grain consumption. Focusing on wine & beer!! What a better way to manage my weight while also managing a healthy fluid rate.  I could even cross train by playing beer pong!! In addition, I could man up and race in Nick Clark's Vertical Beer Mile. I remember in the Twin Peaks 50++ around mile 40 two guys came into the aid station and sat down to drink a few Sierra Nevadas. I have to admit I was a bit jealous.

    All kidding aside. Looking at long term for performance and health reasons. I am going to get a plan together. So fish on my dish will be a regular thing, add some chicken to mix it up, and a lot of eggs for 2012. I will miss you Little Debbie, Swiss Miss, Suzy Q and all you other wonderful snacks that have been fueling me for the last 39 years. Of course, I am sure once in awhile we will meet up for a secret meeting.

    My biggest challenge so far is that I don't feel full throughout the day. I constantly have cravings all day long. So I need to get to the grocery store to stock up on healthy snacks. Almonds, fruit, pita chips, yogurt and some other substance filling healthy options. Some have fats, but I am sure I can run those off while I train for some serious racing over the next couple of months.

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