Saturday, September 17, 2011

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Twin Peaks 50 - October 09, 2011

Well with two month to month 100 milers now in the books it is time for a change. Oct 9 I will be in Cornona CA for the Twin Peaks 50 Miler. The course is a UTMB qualifier. Not that I plan to podium finish on course that was over 17000' of elevation gain in 52.5 miles, but it gives me an idea of what it takes to qualify for UTMB.

Twin Peaks Corona, CA view from the course

The site does have live tracking and I am sure it will take me somewhere around twelve hours to complete. If you get the chance take a look throughout  the day. This data can be found at:

Training starts again this upcoming week. I am feeling good in my legs and ready for some good quality runs. My diet has increased yet my weight has dropped since Haliburton and is hovering around 152lbs vs 157lbs before Leadville back in August. Also with the darkness settling in faster each night I will get a bit more enjoyment from the running. The only small change will be weekly hill repeats in the ballpark of an hour up & down sprinting.
3 weeks to get ready!

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