Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ultra Running Community

This week a complete stranger, Maureen Upton, volunteered to help me at the upcoming Leadville 100 Mile Run. Just a great example of what strangers in the ultra running community will do for one another. She actually sounded more excited to pace me than I was in having a pacer. Dont get me wrong I am VERY EXCITED to be having a pacer. This is my fourth 100 mile race and all but the first, strangers have come forward to help. This year I was able to return the favor to a couple completing their first 100. It was so rewarding I now know why this is such a great sport!! Think about this: ultra running is one of the few sports maybe the only sport where the athletes pay to compete and the spectators watch for free. There is no prize money to be had; really just self-actualization.

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