Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tough Choices

Well I went to Leadville, CO over the weekend to run the LT100 Mile Run. At 50 miles I decided for the first time in a race to take a DNF and leave the course. This was by far the hardest choice I have ever made in running. My toes were in a lot of pain and knowing it took just under 13 hours to get that far, I could only see me slowing down on the back 50 miles and barely able to make it in the 17 hours remaining.

A lot of people were supportive in me achieving 50 miles at a course elevation between 9200' to 12600' with climbs that make you question how the pioneers made it out West.

I know that I will be on the start line in 2011 to challenge myself again, but with only a better outcome. Plans are in place to improve upon the mistakes that were made. Sometimes in life you make a mistake, but not learning from it is the only mistake. I am now more prepared.

Leadville v. Rose 2011 I am coming back!


  1. can't wait to hear about it in full race report!

  2. just consider it a nice taste of whats to come ;-)