Monday, August 9, 2010

Thoughts on the Leadville 100

Sitting here this morning eating breakfast and gazing out the window at the quiet morning I cant help but think of my upcoming race. There are mentions that there will be about 800+ runners at this event. On the average year less than half finish. So what is it that I possess that will carry me to the finish?? I am sure all of the past runners who DNF and all of us attempting this year have thought long and hard on that question. For me, looking back at my first 100 mile attempt I came out with the front pack to quickly for 20 miles. Around 60 miles my left knee was in more pain than I could imagine possible. I hobbled out the last 40 miles because I didn't see an option of not. So when does the breaking point hit a person? Inside I feel ready to take on this challenge. In 12 days I will be toeing the line and learning more about myself as I take on one of the hardest ultras.

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