Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Rodeo

If it was only 8 seconds.......

     At this point I would rather get on the bull and take that 8 second ride. Knowing it be would be a cakewalk to what I have ahead of me to train for another 100 miler with 6 months off from training.  I think about it about it alot and knowing the amount of commitment it takes to toe the line is deep. Is this cowboy ready to climb back in the saddle? Take some rough hits? Get tossed to the ground? 

     Been through this rodeo 11 times in the 100 mile distance is something I reflect back on with some pride. The rides consisted of Umstead, Hallucination, Rocky Raccoon, Leadville, Virgil Crest, Leadville, Haliburton, Ozark, Massanutten, Angeles Crest & Javelina. I started my running addiction in 2005 and rode non-stop until November 2012. So never leaving the saddle kept things in focus and never a question of whether I could finish the ride. Now sitting back and watching the other cowboys I wonder if I got what it takes to travel the distance.

Wearing my buckles can be a challenge because it reflects back to what I did not what I am doing now. So people ask "wow you run 100 miles race?" Technically I did not for awhile now is what runs through my mind.  The running was intertwined between the enjoyment and the challenge of the distance. I never started running with the thought that someday I would cover 100 miles in under 24 straight hours, but my goals grew and I did it. Even pushing the limit to running across the state of Michigan from coast to coast all the way back down to setting a new record for myself in the 1 mile distance. 

     At this point I will recover 100% and build back up gradually. I am not afraid of the distance, it's just knowing how much commitment lies ahead of me that seems a bit overwhelming at this point. When I cross the next finish line there will be some serious celebrating.  So whatever goals you have just know with planning and time you will achieve them!!


  1. Once you start the journey the path to the finish-line will seem easily attainable. You know the route. Look down it, move forward.

  2. That is exactly right, Matt. Can't wait to run with you again soon!

  3. One day at a time. One step at a time. Go get 'em!