Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dragging my feet on the plan

Dragging my more!

Picture taken by stranger at Maybury State Park

     So I wrote a plan to get back into running after closing out a horrible 2012. The plan was to start with some light road runs, biking, yoga and weight lifting. I got the gym membership, yoga membership, starting riding my bike, but didn't get the running portion started until today (two weeks off schedule).

    Running in the warmth of the 70 degree days in Santa Monica would have made sense. Instead I waited until I was in Michigan visiting for the weekend to do it. This morning with the companionship of my friends Melissa, Mark, Kai, Keith, Andrew & Melanie we hit the trail. The sun was out and perfect blue skies. The trail was a bit icy in some spots due to the fact it was only 12F and with the chill in the air the word was it was near 5F.

    Now when I get Tuesday night I have no reason not to hit the road/track/trails for some miles. Having to wear only a shirt and shorts should make it quick & easy to get out the door.  I have a few friends in California that run too. So getting in those longer runs will be nice.

    Well 2013 is here and so is my running plan. Not a lot of races but working on getting healthy for a 2014 season. In the meantime, I will enjoy the time I spend running because thats why I do run!

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