Monday, January 3, 2011

What a year and the award goes to......

2010 is now in the books and is the time to reflect upon those twelve months.
*Closing out the year with a total of 2613.94 running miles
*Taking First in AG in the Muddy Buddy (the driving force behind all my running)
*New PRs in the 1M 5:28, 5K 19:27, 10K 43:05, 13.1M 1:33:10, 50K 4:43:51 and 100M 23:33:17
*First Sub 24 Hour 100 Mile Ultra
*Paced four marathons Louisville, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit & Mohican 100 Mile
*Ran across the state of Michigan Coast to Coast 206.2 Miles
*Made Marathon Maniac RUTHENIUM LEVEL (5 gold stars)

A lot of that time running was spent with several great people; so I thought that this year I would recognize five of them.

The Sidekick Award - Jay Alvarez for pacing me to a sub 24 in the Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile

The Sherpa Award -- Lauren Muir for crewing me across the state on my long run

The Informant Award - Keith Kohler for always finding the latest and greatest info on the net, magazines, DVD & TV and sharing it with me

The Class Clown Award - Andrew Harding for always adding humor to every run and every day in life

The Comeback Award - Suann Lundsberg for coming back and giving her all in the Fort Worth Marathon

Can't wait to see what 2011 brings.....stay tuned


  1. "The Class Clown Award" eh

    Whatever gave you that idea?

    Great year Steve...

  2. here is the latest for 2011...

    do you want to go to juneau alaska and run with geoff roes at his spring training camp?

    may all your goals be reached in 2011!


    anchor man