Friday, December 10, 2010

First snow of the year

Well tonight I joined Andrew for a night run on the back rolling dirt hills of Canton. This evening was unique because it was the first snowfall of the year. So the hills were a bit more challenging than normal. I would compare it to running on a treadmill; you are in motion just not going anywhere.

Night runs are usually good on the back roads. Tonight was exceptional the stars were bright and the sky was clean. The kind of night when you are glad to be a runner.

After the run we hit the pub for a few pints. Nothing better than a tough run than to kick back and share in the moment.
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  1. thanks for sharing that route with is a great one for sure!!! had the chance to run it this morning with andrew and it was a bit icy and slick in parts. i was surprised with how many runners we saw in the a.m. oh, and the night running is way better, because you can't see the height of the hills :)