Friday, October 22, 2010

Closing up shop

This sunday October 24, 2010 is my last planned race for the year. It takes place in Cinncinati OH, Stone Steps 50K. The course record is 4:16:27.; that is an average of 8:10 for 31 miles with a total elevation climb of 10,000'. My PR is 4:43:47; my plan is to just go all out with the front runners. See how they handle the course and everything.  Not sure if I can go the distance, but I will lock in and go as far as I can with them.  A lot of running is pain management and we all hurt in the race. This will be my moment to see how I can block out it while matching stride for stride with the leaders. 

My 10 year old daughter has confidence in me and looked me deep in the eyes then said, "you better take first or second place. If not you will bring shame to the family." A lot of runners have a coach that motivates them. I have a 10 year old that holds nothing back and expects performance. When I don't meet the goal the answer is always the same, not acceptable try harder.  I find that a reality. When I achieve the goal then we celebrate and when not achieved we move forward to improve.

So stay posted to see how this all plays out.............................


  1. This weekend us RUTsters from Michigan are gonna bring it hard to those Ohioans!!!

    We like our coffee warm after the race...

    I got your back!!!

    - Anchor Man

  2. All the best Steve..."DR" Out!

  3. now that Stone Steps is over...what's next?